25 Hour Hotel Review

Vienna has always been one of my favorite cities within my driving distance, so we love to visit this amazing city from time to time. This time we wanted to be in the city center, so i could see as much as possible by foot. We decided to check out the 25hours hotel****, since the location is really good and also because the interior looked like so much fun.


The location is amazing. It is located at the Museumquartier, which is the Museum District, which is amazing if you want to visit some museums like the Museum of Modern art (Mumok), The Leopold Museum and so on. There are many bars and restaurants around and also a gorgeous little park with a fountain right in front of the hotel, where people had picnics. There is also a summer and beer garden called Burger De Ville outside, where you can eat, drink and chat under the open sky.Β  If you arrive by car you can park it on the street (weekends are free) or in the nearby parking garage, which is 28 € a day.



The hotel is pretty big, since it contains 217 rooms, but it is really cosy thanks to the interior design. As soon as we arrived to the reception we fell in love with it, mostly because of the interesting and witty design details, but also because the receptionists were super nice – they asked us if we needed late checkout the next day, which happened for the fist time. Usually we have to beg for another hour πŸ™‚ We actually took up on the offer and they extended out stay till 2 p.m. which was amazing.

There is a big swing in the ‘living room’, two iMac stations that you can use free of charge, jogging corner, where you can grab a bottle of water and a towel before you go out for a jog and a kiosk, where you can buy some funky souveniers.


The hotel has a cool circus-like vibe. The first thing you see when you arrive at the hotel is the big sign in the front which says ‘We are all mad here’. There is a burger place outside, where you can grab a bite. Interior of the hotel has millions of little interesting details that will make you whip out your camera and take pictures every five seconds πŸ™‚ Check out some of my pics:



Our room was the same way, so much fun.Β  We were especially impressed with the cool speakers and of course the mural on the wall +Β  all the little details the hotel is known for. The bed was really comfy as well.Β  The internet is really fast and free of charge. We had so much fun with the ‘do not disturb’ sign. You can choose from different signs such as ‘please place aspirin in front of the door and leave’ as in do not disturb and ‘ remember the movie hangover? This is worse.’ As in my room is a mess, please clean up πŸ™‚



The hotel also has a rooftop terrace with a bar. The view is breathtaking. We could bearly get a seat in the evening, since the place was packed, even people that did not stay at the hotel came for drinks, so you know it is nice.




You can also rent a MINI car or a bike free of charge – how fun is that? πŸ™‚ You also get a Freitag bag that you can use while staying at the hotel.


We loved our stay in Vienna, and would love to come back to 25hours. Maybe next time in different city, since they are also located in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Zurich and Berlin.

Check out their website here:Β  http://www.25hours-hotels.com/

Have you ever visited 25 hours hotels? How did you like it? πŸ™‚


One thought on “25 Hour Hotel Review

  1. This hotel looks good. I love the interior designs of the hotel. Very energetic & fancy. As I’ve already planned my trip to Europe and Vienna is included in my list, I will definitely consider this hotel for my stay. I like the way you listed the services offered by this hotel. Seems like this hotel has a lot to offer. & the free internet is the most important thing as travellers will need internet access to ease their journey. Thanks for this recommendation ☺


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