Top 5 things to see in Vienna

Vienna is one of our favorite cities in Europe. It is just few hours away from my hometown so i have visited it many times but every time i go i still discover new things.

There are many places to visit and things to do. Here are our top 5 things you shouldn’t miss while visiting Vienna.

Get a coffee in the city center

First of all you should go to the center and grab a coffee and get the feel of the city and the people. That is my favorite things to do in every city i visit for the first time. The architecture is breathtaking and the whole city gives off a romantic vibe.


Stephans platz

While you are in the centre go to Stephans platz, where you can see one of the most iconic buildings in Vienna, St. Stephen’s Cathedral. It is one of the Austria’s most important landmarks and it is truly breathtaking. You can also climb the 343 steps up to the tower and enjoy the view of the city. Fun fact: Mozart was married in this church in 1782.


Try the original Sacher cake

This is a must try, if you are in Vienna. You can try the original Sacher cake in Sacher Hotel. We are not the biggest Sacher cake fans, but the whole experience is amazing. The cake was invented by Franz Sacher in 1832, when the chef of the court of Prince Metternich had fallen ill just on the day prince ordered a new dessert for a special event. 16 years old trainee named Franz Sacher steped in and created a new dish. Today, Hotel Sacher sells about 360,000 sachertortes per year, so you know you have to try it 🙂



The next thing that you must visit in Vienna is the flea market. The world’s largest open air market of food is present in Vienna and it is open from Monday to Saturday. It contains number of stalls and it also has the buckets which are full of tulips and pickles. The stalls also contain number of wines and plump and it is the market where you cannot stop from shopping. On Saturdays the market is famous to visit as it become the bargain market.

Kunsthistorisches Museum and park

If you like visiting museums, you should go to to Museumsquartier, which is the eighth largest cultural area in the world and is packed with Museums of all kinds. If you only have time for one, visit Kunsthistoriches museum (Museum of fine art) that has one of the best collections of art pieces in the world. The architecture of the building is amazing by itself.



Schoenbrunn Palace and the gardens

Schoenbrunn is the former summer residence of the imperial family, and is one of Europe’s most impressive Baroque palaces. It has 1441 rooms, some of which you can visit.



The park is so big that you can walk for hours. There is also the oldest zoo in the world at  Schoenbrunn, so make sure you take your time when you go visit.

There are many other things to see and do in Vienna, but we think these are ‘a must see’ even if you are just visiting for a short period of time. We can’t get enough of this city so we can’t wait to come back as soon as possible.

Have you ever been to Vienna? What is your favorite ‘must see’ spot?


3 thoughts on “Top 5 things to see in Vienna

  1. I’ve planned on a trip to Europe, and Vienna is one of the place I would like to visit. I haven’t made my research on what places I should go in Vienna. Now I came across your article, and I feel like I should keep your list during my trip later 😀 As far as I knew, Vienna is a city full of history. I will surely visit those historical buildings there, including Stephan platz, the one you mentioned above. Thanks for the informations given, at least I know what to do once I’m there later.


  2. Vienna is one of my favourite European cities too…i especially love the shopping 🙂 i have to visit Schoenbrunn next time, it looks great.


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